Suction-Irrigation Pump for Laparoscopy

Article number: PV-5512 LAP

Suction and irrigation pump dedicated to laparoscopic surgeries. The optimum adjustment of pressure and flow parameters allows for effective tissue rinsing and effective aspiration of fluid during laparoscopic procedures.



General information

  • Seperated suction and irrigation channels
  • Irrigation based on the peristaltic pump module
  • Suction supported by high quality vacuum pump module
  • Predefined suction and irrigation parameters
  • Working parameters controlled by suction-irrigation laparoscopic instrument


Esthetic and modern design

with simple and userfriendly interface

Remote control

dedicated for switching between suction and irrigation

Fluid Pump Tubings

Vimex Endoscopy offers two options for tubing sets: Single Use Tubing Set (SUTS) and Daily Use Pump Part (DUPP) with Single Use Patient Part (SUPP)