Offer for urology

Vimex Endoscopy offers comprehensive urology solutions including carts, equipment (medical pump, LED light source, camera) and instruments.



General information

  • Most common types and configurations
  • High quality
  • Reliable manufacture

Operative urology set

Endoscopes for Urology

Available in various sizes: Ø2,7/2,9mm, Ø4mm

Operating continous flow sets

Contains inner / outher sheath and bridges (single or double) with working channel

Foreceps (rigid, semi-rigid, flexible)

5 Charr – various tip types *other sizes on request

Fiber optic cables

Fiber optic cables containing active fiber bundles, Ø3.5mm / 2.3m or 3m. Available with most common types of light guide cable connectors


High-quality stainless steel basket for sterilization, cleaning and transport with an individual tool clamping system