Fluid Pump

Article number: PV-5201

Medical fluid pumps family designed to deliver fluid  to operating field under given pressure. The family consist of 4 models: 3 monospecialty models: Arthroscopy, Urology, Hysteroscopy and 1 multispecialty model: AUH.





General information

  • Minimally invasive method of delivering fuid to an operative feld
  • Precise callibration of the measuring system through LEVEL function
  • FLUSH function for an effcient rinsing of an operating area
  • Non-volatile memory of recent settings
  • Three working modes of the Universal Fluid Pump
  • Used with disposable and day-use tubings.
  • Acoustic and visual signals ensuring correct
    tubing instalation
  • Remote controller (optional)
  • Big and clear display, intuitive menu
  • Esthetic and modern design


Three working modes

The device is dedicated to support variety of endoscopic procedures like: arthroscopy, urology and hysteroscopy

Precise and seustive measuring system

Sensors are built into the device, which protects against mechanical damage

Remote control

Facilicates pump management

Fluid Pump Tubings

Vimex Endoscopy offers two options for tubing sets: Single Use Tubing Set (SUTS) and Daily Use Pump Part (DUPP) with Single Use Patient Part (SUPP)

Meet the Fluid Pump PV-5201