OEM cooperation

Since the very beginning of our activity, we have been producing endoscopy devices for many companies around the world which are leaders in their fields. Due to the quality of our products, every year we gain new customers and a wider recognition on the market. This positions Vimex on the short list of the most desirable OEM manufacturers world-wide.

All products manufactured for our OEM customers may have a completely new and unique design. It helps our partners in launching new products on the market and in keeping the right sales level in the future.

There are two common models of cooperation:

- OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

A customer gets a product which looks exactly like a device manufactured by the customer. There is no information about Vimex. The product is usually customized to fit the rest of the customer’s products – both functionally and visually. The agreement between Vimex and its OEM customer ensures full confidentiality. Vimex never discloses names of its OEM customers.

- OBL (Own Brand Labelling)

A customer gets a product with its own logo and – quite often – with its customized housing.  However, Vimex is pointed as the manufacturer of the device.  The main advantage of such a solution is promotion of the customer’s brand through Vimex devices.