Endo news 02 / 2016

Did you know that the first insufflator was used to measure the size of a stomach?

In the late nineteenth century, George Kelling – a German internist and surgeon – initiated abdominoscopy. The first efforts were connected with measurements of a stomach’s size. They were conducted by pumping air into a gastrointestinal tract by the first insufflator. Since that time many different fields of endoscopy have been developed rapidly, mainly due to ideas of surgeons, as well as innovative ideas of companies producing equipment for minimally invasive treatments. Introduction of a suction-irrigation pump was certainly one of important steps in endoscopy.

Did you know that Vimex Endoscopy had just launched a new laparoscopic pump?

The newest Vimex Endoscopy solution went a step further – we present the Suction-Irrigation Pump for Laparoscopy, which offers a vacuum suction function being considered as the best method for rapid and efficient extraction of fluids from the surgical site. Furthermore, an important feature of this device is an efficient irrigation with constant stream of fluid, fully controlled by a user. Another noteworthy feature is a possibility of using both suction and irrigation channels – separately or simultaneously. The great strength is that the irrigation-channel is immediately ready after switching on the device.